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Tanning Monoï de Tahiti Oil...

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96% pure monoï de Tahiti with an Appellation of Origin Mahana Tanning Monoï de Tahiti is a natural vegetable oil enriched with Urucum and...
2 Review(s)

Pack 3 Tanning Monoï de...

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96% pure monoï de Tahiti with an Appellation of Origin Enjoy 25% off with this pack of 3 Tahitian monoï! A golden and hydrated skin all summer...

Mahana Monoï de Tahiti Oil

Tahitian monoï is a natural and prodigious oil that gives it many properties. With more than 99% pure Tahitian monoi, Mahana monoi oil reveals its full potential in skin and hair beauty rituals.

Mahana Monoï de Tahiti meets the specifications of a natural, ethical and active cosmetic. Its manufacture is thus very precisely defined and controlled, which guarantees its Appellation d'Origine but also its authenticity.

Discover our entire collection of Tahitian monoï oils, original, perfumed, tanning or hair care products.

Qualities and Application

Tahitian monoï is a natural and perfumed oil with multiple properties.


Tahitian monoi has softening and emollient properties. It is used to nourish and soften the skin by moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis.

A daily application on slightly damp skin provides good hydration of the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.


Tahitian Monoi has purifying and soothing properties. It is used to calm skin irritations. Protective and nourishing, monoï oil soothes reddened skin.

An application on irritated areas of the skin helps to relieve the irritating sensation.


Tahitian Monoi has regenerative properties. It is an excellent after-sun care because it nourishes the skin in depth. Its emollient action limits the desquamative effect and enhances the tan.

An application all over the body after exposure helps to keep the skin supple and smooth.


Tahitian Monoi has protective and nourishing properties. Monoï oil is used on hair as a treatment or mask to nourish dry and damaged hair and also to repair hair fibre..

An application on damp hair restores softness and shine to your hair and makes it easy to style.


To protect against external aggressions, sun, wind, sea salts, and even mosquito bites, Tahiti monoï protects the skin's epidermis by forming a thin layer like a double skin.