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Pack 3 Tiare Monoï de Tahiti Oil

€29.90 Save 25%

99% pur monoï de Tahiti d'Appellation d'Origine

Get 25% discount on this pack of 3 Tahiti Tiaré monoï 3! Enjoy the sweetness of the Tiare flower all year round...

Mahana Tiare monoï is an oil delicately scented with Tiaré flower in the pure Polynesian tradition.

Use as a beauty treatment applied to the body for daily hydration or as a massage to nourish the skin and the hair. This monoï oil envelops you in the relaxing and floral scents that are emblematic of the islands.

Made and bottled in Tahiti

Pack 3 Tiare Monoï de Tahit... €29.90


1 Beauty kit for Free


Free Gift from 39 €


72H Delivery


Secured Payment

Symbol of lightness and delicacy, the hummingbird evokes curiosity and joy. Studio Design' PolyFaune collection features classic products with colorful patterns, inspired by the traditional japanese origamis. To wear with a chino or jeans. The sublimation textile printing process provides an exceptional color rendering and a color, guaranteed overtime.

Mahana Monoï oil is pure Tahitian monoï, it solidifies below 20 degrees. It is recommended to heat it carefully to liquefy it before use.

All our oils have followed a strict selection and manufacturing protocol, thus guaranteeing compliance with the appellation of origin.

99% of the ingredients are of natural origin - 1% perfume

Ingredients / INCI:: Alpha-isomethyl ionone , Amyl cinnamal , Benzyl salicylate , Citronellol , Cocos nuciferaoil (Coconut oil) , Geraniol , Hexyl cinnamal , Linalool , gardenia tahitentis flower extract (Tiare Flower) , tocopherol (E vitamin)

composition monoi

Plant active ingredients: All plant active ingredients are of natural origin and Polynesian origin, which guarantees the effectiveness of our products
*Fragrance: The olfactory composition is created to measure in Grasse by professional perfumers.
Preservative: Vitamin E of natural or synthetic origin is essential to guarantee the proper conservation of oils but also provides exceptional antioxidant properties for the skin.

The raw materials, Coconut and Tiare Flowers have been rigorously selected in order to guarantee their appellation and properties.
Our products comply with the European cosmetics regulations considered to be the strictest in the world.

  • Inedible oil.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Application of Monoï de Tahiti

    Use on the body

    Spray the monoi oil uniformly on your body on a clean and slightly moist skin, then massage it lightly in a circle so that the oil penetrates the skin.

    Application on the face

    Spray the monoi oil in the palm of your hand and gently apply to the face with your fingertips, avoiding the eye area.

    Hands Application

    On damaged and dry hands, apply Tahitian monoi oil evenly to clean hands before bedtime and massage fingers and nail contours.

    + Mahana

    Made in Tahiti

    Mahana oils are proposed in bottles made in Tahiti, which contributes to local development.

    Monoi de Tahiti AO

    A beauty kit as a gift

    For each oil order, we offer you a beauty kit of your choice to keep your monoï oil always handy in your bag.

    Mahana Beauty Kit

    Spray cap

    We have selected spray caps for our bottles rather than the classic screw cap in order to facilitate the use of monoï.

    The spray cap reduces waste when applying the product or when manipulating the bottle (spilled bottle).

    It is therefore very easy to use, spray with one hand and apply with the other!

    Mahana Spray cap

    Un incontournable

    Un monoï naturel parfait pour l'hydratation du corps et des cheveux. Je le conseille sans hésitation...

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