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Tamanu Oil - 60ml

60 ml

100% virgin Tamanu oil from Tahiti

Tamanu Mahana oil, also known as Calophylle oil, is a natural vegetable oil with very powerful active ingredients and a high resin content. Used for centuries in traditional Polynesian medicine, it is known for its healing and regenerating properties.

Can be used locally on damaged areas of the skin (pimples, acne, irritation, sunburn, small wounds, cuts, rosacea...), prefer a dilution with Monoï of Tahiti for applications on larger areas of the body. 

Anti-inflammatory and slightly rubbing, Tamanu oil helps to relieve painful articulations, tendinitis, sprains or muscle aches and pains.

No additives - No fragrance

Tamanu Oil - 60ml €18.25


72H Delivery


1 Beauty kit for Free


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Free Gift from 39 €

Tamanu oil or Calophylle oil is very aromatic and represents a treatment on its own thanks to its powerful natural active ingredients.

Tamanu oil has a pretty green colour, more or less dark. Its strong aroma reminiscent of walnut fragrances may surprise you the first time.

Tamanu Mahana oil - Origin

Mahana's Tamanu oil is bottled in Tahiti and extracted from the fruits of Tamanu trees on Raiatea (leeward island).

Tamanu oil is 100% natural, first cold pressed, pure and virgin, no conservatives or fragrances have been added.

Latin name : Calophyllum Inophyllum

Tamanu oil - Properties

Tamanu oil has been used for centuries in traditional Polynesian medicine and has aroused the interest of modern medicine in recent years, particularly because of its healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and circulatory properties.


It is also ideal for moisturizing dry, cracked, irritated or rough skin in winter. It activates tissue repair and provides flexibility and elasticity to the skin.

Tamanu régénérant
Tamanu anti bactérien


Tamanu oil alone has calming, purifying, disinfecting and anti-infective properties essential for small wounds, stings, cold sores or herpes.

Note that Tamanu oil has a particularly effective anti-bacterial effect on the bacteria involved in acne.


Tamanu Tahiti oil has natural circulatory properties. It is therefore very effective in relieving and fighting against varicosities that are sometimes unsightly and often painful.

Very rich in Calophylloid which fluidizes the blood circulation, this precious oil thus promotes the elimination of varicose veins, rosacea and dark circles.

Tamanu circulatoire
Tamanu cicatrisant


Tamanu oil is naturally rich in Calaustraline and inophylloid which are powerful healing and skin repair agents. This virgin oil can be applied to all parts of the body that are subject to skin disorders such as acne, herpes, rashes and insect bites.

It is recommended whenever the skin suffers (cuts, small wounds...) or to reduce scars and stretch marks.


Tamanu oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve painful joints, tendinitis, sprains or muscle aches and pains.

This vegetable oil helps to limit the inflammation of bites or pimples and reduces pain.

Tamanu Anti inflammatoire
Tamanu cicatrisant


Tahiti Tamanu oil is naturally rich in polyphenol, antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals responsible for skin aging. This vegetable oil also contains vitamin E to fight fine lines.

p>Tamanu oil is therefore an important ally in the fight against dark circles and wrinkles..

Mahana Tamanu oil is a 100% virgin vegetable oil, it densifies slightly below 20 degrees. It is advisable to heat it carefully to liquefy it before use.

All our oils have followed a strict selection and manufacturing protocol to ensure that the products are respected.

  • Without Additive - Without Fragrance
  • No preservatives
  • Tested under dermatological control
  • Calophyllum inophyllum
  • Inedible oil.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Our products comply with the European cosmetics regulations considered to be the strictest in the world.

    composition monoi

    Tamanu oil can be used on the whole body, face and hair.

    On the face

    Tamanu oil can be applied on the face in the morning under make-up and/or in the evening before going to bed.

    Tamanu oil can be used pure locally on specific areas of the face such as pimples, plaques, localized redness, rosacea...

    In this case, apply one to two drops of Tamanu oil with your fingers to the targeted areas of the face.

    Tamanu oil can also be used on the whole face pure or mixed with your daily cream (especially if the smell of the oil bothers you).

    Tamanu Face Application

    On the hair

    Tamanu Hair Application

    Tamanu oil can be applied to the hair to moisturize and restore brilliance to the hair but also to stimulate and heal the scalp.

    Apply the oil part by part and massage the scalp. Apply also to dry and damaged hair strands. Leave on and rinse with your usual shampoo.

    On the body

    Tamanu oil can be used pure on targeted parts of the body.

    For an application on a larger part of the body or in massage, it is recommended to dilute the Tamanu oil with Monoï de Tahiti.

    Tamanu oil is slightly rubbing and gives a warm feeling a few minutes after application.

    Tamanu Body Application

    + Mahana

    Made in Tahiti

    Mahana oils are proposed in bottles made in Tahiti, which contributes to local development.

    Monoi de Tahiti AO

    A beauty kit as a gift

    For each oil order, we offer you a beauty kit of your choice to keep your monoï oil always handy in your bag.

    Mahana Beauty Kit

    Spray cap

    We have selected spray caps for our bottles rather than the classic screw cap in order to facilitate the use of monoï.

    The spray cap reduces waste when applying the product or when manipulating the bottle (spilled bottle).

    It is therefore very easy to use, spray with one hand and apply with the other!

    Mahana Spray cap


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    Produit indispensable

    J'ai reçu ma commande très rapidement, je suis très contente de mon huile de tamanu que j'utilise quotidiennement. Format très pratique !

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